Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Keeping Things in Perspective...

This week we are faced with another layoff at work. Thursday they are to announce a 15% reduction in our workforce. They are very quiet about who is to be cut. If you remember, I went through this about six months ago and the word we have been given is we more than likely will do it again the first quarter of 2007. As you can imagine, work is not very enjoyable right now. You try to get things done but all everyone is focused on is what is going to happen and will they be affected or not.

I sit and listen to these conversations and listen to how everyone feels so cheated and like they are owed something by our company. Now I do not want to lose my job but I have accepted that this is a business decision that had to be made and unfortunately it may affect me and many of my friends. I am not too worried about it, I really do not think that I will lose my job but at the sametime there is always the thought in the back of my head that I could. I have accepted that and think I am ready for that. Of course, I am not sure we are ever really ready for that. I suppose that reality will be a different test of that.

Today amidst everyone talking about things and wondering about their future. I had a friend in town that manages one of my former stores. She let me know that one of the ladies that worked for me lost her 18 year old son, David, in a car accident early Sunday morning. I worked in this store in 2001-2002 so he would have been in middle school at the time. He would come into our store and see his mom and also hang out and chat sometimes. He used to tell me about the animals he was raising to show at the livestock shows. Now I was never much of the type to raise animals for a livestock show but his passion made me excited for him. I remember one year he won a $25,000 award for a chicken he had raised, that was just incredible to me. He was always the most polite kid and enjoyable to have around. He would always answer me with yes sir or no sir and always very respectful. I had to convince him that it was ok for him to simply call me Dan. He loved football, especially Texas A&M football. I am pretty sure he loved that they beat Texas this past Friday.

After hearing that news it made the thought of some of us losing our job just seem a lot less important. There are certainly worst things in life than losing your job. And I am certain that David's family is going through one of the worst times I can imagine. This really has made me realize that the little things in my life are really a lot smaller than what they seem to be.

Tonight say a prayer for David's family and know that this has to be a very trying and difficult time for them. David was certainly a sparkle in their eye and I am sure in many others.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It Wasn't the Same....

I have been trying to write this post for about 24 hours now. Yes, it has been a long time since the last time I posted and it should probably be easy. But for some reason it just is not. Yesterday I watched one of the best football games that I might have ever seen. It is one that I am going to remember for a long time.

I was brought up as a Buckeye fan, or as my Dad would say "I was Buckeye born and Buckeye bred and when I die I will be Buckeye dead".

I remember growing up and always getting pumped up by my Dad for the Ohio State - Michigan game. It was always exciting. He would hang banners in the house and special game signs all over the house. One of which I did not quite understand when I was little but I certainly get it today. :-) My Dad was always certain to wear his best Ohio State shirts and he ALWAYS had hats close by, usually wearing a different one each quarter. I am also sure my Brother and I always had a football close by ready to throw it every chance we got.

This week getting ready for the game was no different in my mind. I was excited and pumped up for it. This year it was not only Ohio State - Michigan but it was #1-vs-#2. That makes it even more exciting. Friday I wore an Ohio State shirt to work and certainly talked about my excitement with all my buddies at work. Even a few of my coworkers that live in Michigan.

Saturday came and I got out of bed and put on a different Ohio State shirt along with my OSU hat. This was going to be a day for me to remember all those great games I have watched through the years none of them could be as big as this one.

I made myself a plate of smoked oysters, kipper snacks, saltine crackers and that mustard/mayo & horse radish sauce that my Dad used to make for us on the big game day. Everything is set I am ready and it is now gametime...

It was all just as I remember it, the snacks, the game and the excitement. The only thing missing were the signs hanging around my house and three other Ohio State hats. Oh and of course Dad and my Brother are at home in Florida and I am here in Texas.

As exciting as it all was it was just not the same watching the game by myself. My Dad is the reason I am "Buckeye Bred", he is the one that instilled in me the love for the scarlet and grey. He made me get excited for the game and all that goes into it. It just is not the same sitting here watching it by myself. Those days watching the big game with my Dad is such a great memory. Even today, I love going to Dad's house and watching the big games with him and my brother.

Today I got pictures of game time at Dad's. It was obvious that for the most part it was just as I remembered. I saw his hats and of course he had his Buckeye shirt on. My nieces looked to be having a good time and based on the outcome of the game I am pretty darn sure my Dad and everyone else had a great time as well.

I did have a great time. I did yell a lot and pretty darn sure Dad would have been pretty proud to see that I truly am "Buckeye Bred". Thanks Dad for giving me that. It is pretty darn exciting to be a Buckeye fan. And I am going to do my darndest to try and be able to watch the championship there with you. That will be exciting.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!