Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clearing out the Cob Webs....

WOW!!!! How long has it been? You don't have to answer I know it has been over a year. But I think it is time for me to begin blogging again. So I have cleaned out the cobwebs and dusted everything off, it is time to write again.

I have had a lot on my mind recently and figured this would be a good place to begin sharing. The other day at work I was talking with an old friend and she made the comment to me that I really did find the perfect job for me. As I pondered her observation I was wondering if I really had. If that was the case, then why did I feel so unfulfilled and why is it I feel like I want to be doing so much more? But then if people think this then maybe I do not realize that perhaps it is the perfect fit for me.

The more that thought has resonated in my head the more uncomfortable I have become with this notion that I was in my perfect job. I do like what I do and I think I do a good job but after doing it for about 4 years now I think it is really time for me to find something new. I don't know that I believe it is the perfect job for me, I think I just do a good job of it and people recognize it.

So what is it I want to do? I really have no clue. There are so many things that I have dreamed of and so many avenues I want to pursue I never know which way to turn. What I do know is that I have not tried my best to get that. I have been comfortable in this job that is apparently "right" for me. It is difficult to step outside of the comfort zone. I tend to make a million excuses not to go get what I really want. I guess inside sometimes I think if I get my dream then what. It is no longer a dream at that point and what will I desire next.

I don't know the answers to all these things. What I do know is, I want to pursue new things. I want to step outside of my box and challenge myself. I know that as much as I like living in Texas and love my house, I want to be closer to my family. Since none of them are thinking about moving to Texas, I guess I need to think about moving back to them.

Well, there you have a few of the thoughts that have been in my head. I look forward to sharing more and hopefully bringing whoever wants along on my journey ahead. I promise it will not be a year before my next blog. Now I am off to where I do some of my best thinking. Laying in bed before falling asleep. Night for now!


Susan said... nice to see you back here again! Yeah I understand dreaming of other things. You need to pick one and go after it. If it's not the best one, it's OK. It might be just right for this season in your life.

I love Tim McGraw's "How Bad do you Want It?" song. He really hits it on the head.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

WOW...nice to see the site all cleaned up again! And to read your thoughts. We sure would love to have you back home we can agree on that note. I'm sure you will work out something...meanwhile it will be fun to have you sharing those thoughts with us.
Looking forward to more....

Anonymous said...

As always, we would love to have you back home. Whatever it is you choose to do in life we will always be your cheering section..
Thanks for the peek inside your mind.....scary! LOL!