Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I remember about Fourth of July and Summer Vacations

1. Waiting to help Grandpa turn the crank for the ice cream maker on their porch in Swainsboro, GA.
2. Rides on Grandpa’s riding mower with the triangle shaped steering wheel
3. Dad being Uncle Sam and reciting Red Skelton’s commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance
4. Fourth of July Festival at Riverhills Park
5. Homosassa
6. Tampa Bay Rowdies games
7. Learning the Cherokee Indian Rain Dance
8. Dad’s Big Mac shirt
9. Camping at Stone Mountain, going to the baseball game and that HORRIBLE storm.
10. Camp Endeavour
11. Playing in the woods around the river when it was dried up.
12. The pool at the Country Club
13. Camp Indian Head

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Susan said...

I am posting this list NEXT week, I think. We'll have some similar memories, of course.

Greg and Christie said...

Greg has told me all about the camping trips!! I had my share as a kid as well....we're even talking about going this Fall..

Anonymous said...

Great list, D. I had forgotten all about that "2 beef patties, special sauce, etc" shirt of your Dad's that U.Jim gave him. I assume that's the one you mean. Oh boy...I know that storm at Stone Mt will be on Sus' too!
Thanks for the memories!

Greg and Christie said...

Ah yes Rowdies games and Camp Endeavour, two great memories. They had the BEST slip and slide at Camp Endeavour!!!!