Thursday, June 22, 2006

...And we're back

Yes I am aware it has been a while since I last blogged. But I have been inspired and moved to jump back into this. I really have no good excuse as to why I stopped blogging other than I was just plain busy. At work I had to sit through 10 days straight of some pretty intense training on a new system. About 7 days into this training I was informed that I was expected to be the subject matter expert for 67 retail stores across our beautiful country. So I had to immediately begin learning this system differently than how I started out.

Shortly after the training my company (Verizon) informed all employees that there would be significant cuts in headcount. It began at 2%, raised to 6.6% within two days and at the end of one week we had our exact number and that was that we have to reduce our organization by 12%. Well we are a small group within a very large company so that number can be significant when you really narrow it down and look at it. Needless to say, many people have been on edge and difficult to work with. That has not made for a great work environment at the moment.

On the upside, they were recently working with me to expand my responsibilities and provide me with more visibility so that I could have more opportunities to advance within the company. Knowing that that was in the works before the announcement has given me the peace of mind to feel that I am not in any danger of losing my job. I do know the reality is I could but I really am confident that I am safe.

Oh yeah one other excuse I can use for not blogging...I had a fantastic visit with my Dad and stepmom. I took a week off of work and they flew out to Dallas to celebrate my birthday with me and visit me for the first time since I built new home. I put a lot of time into trying to make sure that everything was perfect for their visit. I wanted my home to feel like a home and wanted them to feel comfortable staying in it. I wanted them to see the pride that I have in taking care of my house and all the upkeep. I enjoy the yard work and trying to make it the nicest on the block. It is not yet there by any means but I am working on it. This weekend I will do a lot to help that, I am going to be building a brick border for my flower bed in the front of the house. Hopefully all will go smooth with that.

Now to my inspiration for jumping back into my blog. I am sure most of you reading this have read my sister's blog. She is the person that pretty much got me going in the first place. Well her and my cousin after I made one post and did not touch it again for months.

My sister and I have always been very close. We shared many of the same interests growing up. We both were active in the church, band and choir in high school, we enjoy theater and we both love the simple things in life like sitting on a porch swing. She has become an inspiration to me in that she pursues all her dreams while raising a family. I have so many dreams and things I would love to do and for whatever reason I seem to not be able to make the time for them. That is a sad fact when she is a wife, mother of four, school teacher, author and a consultant to other teachers all over the country. She also finds the time to fit in all the things she loves. I do not know how she does it but she sure does. It makes me feel bad for not even finding the time to do something simple like write a blog.

When our family would get together often times the subject of a blog or two would come up I believe this lead to my brother deciding to jump into this blogging world. Well I figure that if he is able to do it, then I definitely can do it. You see, I admire my little brother. I think about all the fun/silly things we did growing up, the fights we would get into, the trouble we would get into, the relationship we had and now I look at him not as my little brother anymore but as a role model. Heck he was the reason I learned the meaning of the word "Antagonize" at an early age. He has grown to be the man that I also want to be. He has grown into a great husband, fantastic father and good provider of his family. He works hard to give them the things they need and he is always giving of himself. If you need a hand with something you can ALWAYS count on him. He is the most reliable person I know.

Living so far away from my family is difficult. We are a very close family and always have been. It has always seemed that no matter how far apart we live or how long it had been since we had last talked or seen each other, we were always able to slip right back into our close relationships as if we had never been a part. Even more interesting than that is the fact that it is also true of our extended family. It amazes me to hear other people talk as if they are merely acquaintances with their family when I feel so close to all of mine. I cannot imagine feeling uncomfortable or that I am with a stranger if I were with anyone of them. I have my theories on why that is and I will share those more later.

For now I am going to close saying that I am back. Thank you to both my Sister and Brother for inspiring me to jump back into the blogging world. I know it is Thursday and I am posting a Thursday Thirteen but next week I assure you that I will be on board with everything. Susan and Greg I love you guys and I could not ask for a better brother or sister. You guys are awesome. Hopefully I will get back to Florida soon so we can all spend some time together.


Lynn said...

That was great Dan...can I adopt you as my brother....shhh don't tell Marty;-) Glad to see you back, although I can't talk as I don't really post that often but I have gotten into the TT and WW things. DD1 thinks I need to post more often. She and DS have their own blogs too;-) You're right about Susan, she is an inspiration! Greg too. We are blessed;-)

Susan said...

Oh my goodness I am in puddles...and I have to go get my blood drawn...they're going to wonder WHY my face is red!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are sweet...and an inspiration to me too.

Love much!!

ALP said...

What an awesome family you have. I look forward to reading more Dan. I have enjoyed Susan's blog for a while now and that is how I found yours.