Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a Day...

Today was notification day. A day which several departments within my company would notify each of their employees what their future with Verizon will be.

Fortunately I was given the good news that my employment will continue and I may have new or more responsibilities as they determine the right positions for the remaining employees. I never felt that I had anything to worry about although I tried to be aware that I could be one of them.

It is a good feeling to know that the hard work we put in does not go unnoticed. I have always believed that if people were asked to rate themselves that they would be honest about their value. As all the speculation has taken place over the last month the most interesting thing is the people that said they felt they were safe were and those that said they were scared ended up being the ones let go. I think something I learned today is that we all know our own value as employees and how we are perceived by those that matter.

For those people that were let go today, many of them were friends of mine, I wish them the best. It is not a good thing to see anyone lose their job. I hope that they are able to use this as a new door opening and they can step through it and achieve even more.


Susan said...

Glad to know you're OK. Yes, it must be hard watching someone lose thier job. Have a GREAT weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great news, D. Know you're glad those announcements are behind you. Now maybe some productive work can get done, right!? Keep that great attitude, cause as we discussed in that corporate world this won't be the last time cuts are made. You WILL be missed this weekend. Have a good one!

Greg and Christie said...

Could some of those "new" assignments happen to be in Florida???? That would be cool and I'm sure the girls would welcome it. Glad everything is safe with the job. Since you're blogging I guess this means no surprise visits???


ALP said...

I am glad you didn't lose your job.

I believe we do know our real worth when it comes to working. How could one not know - you either do the work or you don't.