Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thirteen Things DAN wants to do in his lifetime...

1. Perform a show stopping song on Broadway for a sold-out house
2. Complete a solo flight in a private plane
3. Kiss the Blarney Stone
4. Tour the great cathedrals in Europe
5. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
6. Drive a NASCAR race car
7. Tour where the great composers lived, wrote and performed their music.
8. Explore the Great Pyramids
9. Visit Yellowstone Park
10. Own a vacation home in the mountains of Montana
11. Whale watching in Alaska
12. Own a professional sports team
13. Drive a cigarette racing boat

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Susan said...

Ahhh...that book has gotten to you, hasn't it????

ALP said...

I would love to drive a NASCAR as well! That would be just awesome... Although that probably means I would have to be able to drive a manual car. LOL

I went whale watching in Hawaii and it was awesome! I could do that daily if I lived somewhere it was possible (actually I did it daily while I was in Hawaii)...

Great list!