Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Influences in our lives...

Today I decided I was going to only work a half day, I call these days "Sanity Days". I have been working in the yard the past couple weekends trying to get it awakened from that dormant winter cycle and there are still a few things I want to get done before the weekend so I figured this was a great time to do it.

Now most people that have known me for any length of time know that I really did not like mowing the yard when I was younger, let alone all the weeding, trimming, edging, planting, pruning, mulching and anything else you can think of. In fact, when I bought the house the most common question I was asked was "Who is going to mow the yard"? My response of "I will" was usually followed with a chuckle, snicker or some comment about my lack of desire to work in the yard.

Now that I have been in the house for 9 months, I have to say I am doing a fine job with the lawn. While mowing and working out there I have a tendency to reflect on many things but it seems that the same thoughts creep in week after week. I think about the days when I mowed my parents' yard and how I felt I was having to put too much time into perfect corners and neat edges. Back then I used a riding mower, all I wanted to do was drive, mow and get done. I did not want to stop, back up and make sure that I was squaring my corners. To me at the time it did not really make a difference. If things were in my way they were mowed and shredded right where they were.

Today what I realize is that I have become what was instilled in me as I was growing up. It was evident that each corner I made with the lawn mower I wanted perfect squares and straight lines. Today I stopped the mower to pick up a small piece of paper that was on the lawn rather than running it over. I redid the front flower bed, that included all the things I mentioned above that I hated. But it was important to me that it was done right and looked nice.

It is interesting to see how we become what we were taught when we were younger. I guess in a way we do really become our parents. I am proud of the values I have adopted. Guess life was not really as tough as I thought and that little extra work would not have really hurt me like I believed. Thanks Mom and Dad for the values you gave me. I love you both.

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Susan said...

I'll bet you even do it diagonal sometimes!!! You are TOOO funny...but SOOOO right. We DO take on the values of those who raised us.