Thursday, April 13, 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen...

Thirteen Movies DAN could watch time and time again...

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
2. Mr. Holland's Opus
3. Jerry Maguire
4. Remember the Titans
5. ET
6. Rudy
7. Ocean's Eleven
8. Mary Poppins
9. On Golden Pond
10. The Phantom of the Opera
11. Meet the Parents
12. Can't Buy Me Love
13. Happy Gilmore

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Susan said... some of those I haven't seen! I have to get busy. My TT is up. You can add Mr. Linky if you go to his site and sign up. Then you paste a code into the top of your blog template and then a code into your TT post. It's pretty cool.

Lynn said...

Great job with your blog Dan! I've been checking in periodically and was happy to see your posts....sorry I missed them from the beginning. Good movies, maybe I'll have to borrow some for my part II;-)

FrogLegs said...

Seen and love all of them-- except! #4, 9 & 12. I'll have to look for those! Happy first TT!!

Susan said...

You've been tagged....go check out my blog today. Happy Easter!!