Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Answers...

Here are the answers to my Thursday Thirteen.

1. Nathan Birnbaum = George Burns
2. Jacob Cohen = Rodney Dangerfield
3. Leslie Lynch King, Jr. = Gerald R. Ford
4. Caryn Johnson = Whoopie Goldberg
5. Norma Jean Baker = Marilyn Monroe
6. Marion Morrison = John Wayne
7. Harold Lloyd Jenkins = Conway Twitty
8. Richard Starkey = Ringo Starr
9. Demetria Guynes = Demi Moore
10. Frances Gumm = Judy Garland
11. Reginald Dwight = Elton John
12. Thomas Mapother IV = Tom Cruise
13. Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. = John Denver

Happy Friday!


Greg and Christie said...

Well I got some right. Not bad for a blonde...

Karla said...

Wow. Some of those are outrageous! I didn't know a president could be president under an assumed name. ??? ;)
Whoopie Goldberg is certainly more interesting than Caryn whatever (see I've already forgotten). And Deuschendorfer or whatever?! Wow.
Great list!
(I came over from Learning for a Lifetime.)