Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Toys I Liked Playing With While Growing Up

1. Mattel Football

2. Barrel of Monkeys (This was one we played with at Grandma's)

3. Lincoln Logs

4. Slinky

5. VertiBird

6. Lite Brite

7. Carom Board

8. Operation

9. Red Ryder BB Gun

10. Big Wheel

11. Gnip Gnop

12. Toss Across

13. Rubik's Cube

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Susan said...

Oh my goodness that is a GREAT list! And how many memories it brought up!!!!!! I've got to do my TT now.

ALP said...

Okay so right now in this house we have Lincoln Logs, Rubik Cube, Light Bright and Operation...

So many of those games are coming back now!

I had forgotten about Toss Across; we played with that at my Grandma house.

Great list!

Greg and Christie said...

Most of these listed I played with as well, yes even someone as ancient as me.....except the BB gun. It would be a cold day in you know what before my dad let me play with one of those!!


Shalee said...

I loved my light brite and I used to ride the dickens out of my sit-n-spin! And I bet I drove my parents batty with my Merlin.

My TT is also up.

Anonymous said...

Great list, D. Those were the "gold ole days" when Santa brought fun things to you!! :-)

Lynn said...

I guess you didn't "shoot your eye out" with #9;-) I remember playing with the Carom Board at Grandma's.
Great list.

Beck said...

"Gnip Gnop"?
Did anyone actually LIKE barrelful of monkeys? It was just a barrelful of frustration for me... but I was an impatient child.

Greg and Christie said...

How could you leave nerf basketball and the field goal off your list...oh and Odyssee 2000 on the 9' screen. LONG LIVE MUNCHKIN'

Amy said...

I had a Big Bird Big Wheel when I was little and I could never get the slinky to work! Great list! Oh and I also loved the Lite Brite. I would spend hours with that thing! Thanks for the visit!