Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen for July 20th

Thirteen Alternate Movie Titles, can you name the real titles?
(See Answers Tomorrow)

Example: Handful of American Currency = “Fist Full of Dollars”

1. USA Dessert
2. ExtraordinaryMale
3. Reverse to Tomorrow
4. Unwholesome Metropolis
5. A Lovely Psyche
6. Self-Reliance 24-hours
7. Battles of Space
8. BelowEarth
9. Educational Facility of Rubble
10. The Entire 27 Feet
11. Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific just shy of a dozen
12. Twelve Costs Less
13. Commemorate the Behemoths

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Greg and Christie said...

OK I am TERRIBLE with "movie trivia", but I think I know a few...

1. American Pie
2. Superman
11. Oceans 11

Other than those it's to early to think about the rest...


Susan said...

OK, here are my guesses:

1. American Pie
2. ??
3. Back to the Future
4. ??
5. A Beautiful Mind
6. ??
7. Star Wars
8. ??
9. School of Rock
10. The Whole Nine Yards
11. Oceans Eleven
12. Cheaper by the Dozen
13. Remember the Titans

Did I get them?

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I am not a good game player sorry but I did want to thank you for stopping by my site yesterday for WW. I love new visitors and meeting new people. I hope you come back again. Today my Thursday Thirteen is up too but you get to learn today!! Sandy

ALP said...

I am not very good at games. I can names movies in an instant if I see them on TV or a preview but place a game in front of me and I would lose!

Greg and Christie said...

6. Independence Day