Friday, August 04, 2006

A Hot One Today....

So about 10:30am this morning my director walks by my desk and says hey lets pack up and go play golf. He said to plan on playing at 1pm. Now I do not remember if I blogged about it or not but we did this a couple weeks ago and it was HOT!!!! That was right in the middle of "Heat Wave 1". After that first round he and I both agreed from now on we would do this in the morning. But oh well, golf is golf and I wanted to play.

So of course I quickly organized my things and got myself to a point where I could leave. Naturally all my stuff was at home. I had to run all the way home (25 miles) and then back to the golf course (another 25 miles).

As I am home getting my things together I get a call from my director informing me that we have changed plans and we are going to go play a different course and we have a tee time at 1:40pm. This was ok with me, the new course was a lot closer to my house. What is next is what is really intriguing...

The course we decided to play is called Tour-18 here in Flower Mound, TX. That is really the Dallas/Fort Worth area if you are not familiar with this area. (I will explain more someday about this lovely place and all the communities and areas, I find it interesting). Now back to this golf course.

Tour-18 is a golf course that all 18 holes are replicas of what they call the "18 Greatest Holes in Golf". So today I played a combination of several of the famous golf courses and some of their most recognizable holes.

One to note in this posting is Hole 9, it is a replica of number 17 at Sawgrass Mills in Jacksonville, FL. Yes it has the island green and all. All I was worried about was getting on the green and not in the water with one stroke. The two people I played with were both successful at doing that. Of course that puts the pressure on me. Now I had been going between clubs trying to decide what to hit. This is never a good thing just before hitting. That is uncertainty and it puts lots of thoughts in your head. I get up there and confidently swing my club it is going left but it looks good. Fortunately it stayed on the island just like the other two but I definitely had my work cut out for me as it was right against the wood wall around the island. I managed to make a bogie (4) on this hole.

The other 2 to note were holes 16, 17 & 18. This was a replica of what is known as "Amen Corner" at Augusta National Golf Club where the Master's Tournament is held. This was exciting for me, I was curious to see how close they were and how I would play those holes. All 3 holes looked just like what I saw on TV and even as the announcers describe them they felt like they were very close to the real. I managed a bogie on hole 16 which was really #11 on Augusta National. On 17 (#12 Augusta National) I got a whopping triple bogie (6). A quick note here is I had a great tee shot that looked like the pros landing on the green. However this was a VERY difficult putting hole. Then on number 18 (#13 Augusta National) I managed to make a par. I hit a long nice drive to turn the corner to the left and set myself up for a an easy two strokes to the green and then two putts for a par.

How exciting it was to play those 4 holes. The others could have been any hole on any golf course for all I know. But it was still an exciting adventure to know that I was playing the same holes the pros play. If you ever had that fantasy of walking up the 18th green today definitely added to that and made you think about it a lot. It was a fun day.

As far as the heat goes. We are in the middle of "Heat Wave 2", it was HOT!!! Not quite as hot as last time, I think it was 107 that day. Today the temperature read to be 103. I am not sure that I would really know the difference between 107 and 103.

Now as exhausted as I am, I am heading to catch the movie You, Me and Dupree with a friend of mine. Had I not bought the tickets online before golf was planned I would probably save it for another day but I must press on. Perhaps I will have to write another movie review tomorrow for this movie. We shall see tonight.


Susan said...

Very cool, Dan!! Glad you had a good time. Hope you drink plenty of water when you're out in that type of heat....


Anonymous said...

Sounds neat Dan. Sure would like to play the course...maybe the fall of course!!
Triple bogey 6...I can relate to THAT game!! See ya soon!

Grandma Callahan said...

HI Dan: Read your recent Blog. You do very good, and I enjoy reading a bout all of your escapades>? guess that is what you call it...ha ha.....Did you resist that urge with the cute little doggie? He is so cute..and would love to have one like him..for sure..But, I am in the same boat....couldn't take care of him in the way I should...or want to.....HERE!!!

Take care and keep on Blogging...I enjoy reading Susan, Greg's and your, Grandma Callahan (in case you don't remember me!!! :-)