Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr Wilson?

Are you familiar with Dennis the Menace? If you are then you know who I am talking about.

Mr Wilson was the crabby old guy that lived next door and seemed to despise kids and them having fun. He hated when they would run through his yard or romp through his flower beds. The kids never seemed bothered by him it was almost as if they enjoyed antagonizing the "Crabby" old guy.

As I was growing up I really did not have a neighbor like this. There were a few times that I can remember them getting frustrated because we might have kicked a ball against their car or pool.

The interesting thing is I might have become Mr Wilson. I try to remember that I do not want to be a Mr Wilson but sometimes when I walk outside and find one of them riding a bike through my front yard. It is all I can do to not say a word. It does leave tracks in my front yard but I just try to look the other way trying not to be the crabby old guy.

Hmmm I wonder if I am getting old or if I am just overly concerned with the appearance of my yard.


Anonymous said...

...OR your Father's son!! When you have to work hard to keep it nice it sure makes a difference. The worst thing though is dogs...if they are allowed to run loose or be walked in your yard. So, see it could be worse! Yard looks great though...ruts and all!!
Glad you're back on the blog..guess my complaining worked!

Susan said...

It is hard to turn your back sometimes...but then remember all the yards we played in as children...and just how welcoming some of them were....

I think we start to learn that it's just "small stuff" know what I mean?

Dan said...

Yes Susan I know exactly what you mean. That is why I do a very good job of not saying a word. I just find it funny how those things now kinda get at me too.

Never thought about it being in the genes. Maybe it is that I am just my Father's son. :-) That is not such a bad thing to be. I kinda like being my Father's son.

Anonymous said...

Well now I've got to chime in. Yes, when I was younger I was pretty much a TYPE A I guess. However with age comes the ability to see things a little different. Perhaps it's because we have Grandchildren and don't have to live with the stress of life (Work, Raising Kids, etc.) like we use to.
Remember this saying: "You're only as big as the smallest thing that bothers you". I think if you analyze it, you'll agree that sometimes we forget how small some "issues" are.
By the way, for the record, it's good to be your son's father also.
Love Ya'!

Greg and Christie said...

Good thing I take after my mother!!!! :-)