Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On the Road Again...

Ok I know I have not been great at blogging lately but I am going to be really slack as I am not even going to do a Thursday Thirteen. I am going to let everyone know that I will be heading to Florida tomorrow morning.

I was supposed to leave Saturday but decided I was going to take a couple days off work and head out early so I could get in at a decent time Friday. I am going to try to find some photo opportunities as I am traveling so maybe I can come up with something to post tomorrow night.

My plan is to stay the night in Mobile, Alabama and then head to Tampa bright and early Friday morning. I do need a little help, I need to see if I can get my haircut on Saturday. Any takers on wanting to make a call for me? :-) Surely someone would make a call for me and get me an appointment. I will be on the road so feel free to give me a call anytime. My plan is to leave home by 10am.

Looking forward to seeing everyone real soon.


Anonymous said...

OK, I tried but you fav s-i-l had already made it. Drive safe. Looking forward to having you home.

Greg and Christie said...

Guess I'm more on the ball than my MIL!!!
12:30 D....don't forget!

C ~