Monday, October 19, 2009

Semi Contradictory?

Tonight I am going to contradict a post from a few nights ago. I mentioned that I lack self confidence. While this is true, I am an extremely confident person and very competitive.

Allow me to explain....My lack of self confidence comes strictly in my appearance and the way I perceive that people are judging me. I guess in other words I feel people are judging the book, that is my life, by its cover.

As far as what I do and how I live my life....I am extremely confident. I know at work I do a great job. I know that I put my all into everything I do and I feel that people recognize that I am knowledgeable and that I am the right person in the job that I am working in.

During the years I spent as a sales manager I was always very confident, I suppose sometimes I could even come close to cocky. I did not like it if people felt that I was arrogant or cocky but I always wanted to be perceived as the best and wanted to be one that would not back down from a challenge. I also always wanted my team to rally behind me and to believe we could exceed our objectives and be the best. So I felt that I had to be confident in everything we tried to accomplish. In other words....I could "Talk the Talk".

In having this confidence, I found that I did not come across as a humble person but I know that I have always wanted to. I have always felt my success was due to the success of the people that I surrounded myself with. I was only as good as those that worked for me. And I would never want to take away from anything that they had accomplished.

Last night I was reading my Bible and for some reason I read Matthew chapter 6. In chapter 6 it talks about giving to the needy and doing good for those that need it but to not seek recognition for what you have done. If you are giving or doing the good for the recognition then there will be no reward for you in heaven. But if you do these things quietly and in secret, God will see what you have done and you will be rewarded.

This kinda hit me thinking back through my life and career I think I have always been someone that could talk the talk. I always wanted people to recognize my team and the accomplishments that we had made. I was always working to get the recognition for myself and those that worked for me. But this passage last night made me realize that perhaps it is just better to "Walk the Walk" and let our actions speak for us.

It is easy to "Talk the talk". How many people do you know do this. I would say that I have been really good at it. I realize that it is time now for me to start "Walking my walk".

Now that brings me to yesterday in church during the sermon my pastor said it is easy to come to church on sunday and then go home and do whatever it is we do all week then return again the next week. It is simple to just show up and never really become engaged. I have not done a good job of any of that for the past few years I have simply talked the talk.

He equated it to going to a gym when you start a workout program it is something you have to do. Getting involved and serving is no different, it is something you have to do. After you get yourself in this cycle, just like working out, it becomes something you get to do, it becomes a part of your life and what you look forward to. But in the end we come back full circle and it becomes a have to again.

Have To --> Get To --> Have To
This all made sense to me. Right now I have to get involved in the church I have been attending and start being a part of the ministry there. I look forward to the day that I say I get to be a part of this ministry. And even more than that, to the day that I have to be serving so that I am leading a fulfilled life.
I hope some of this makes sense, I know I went through a lot in this but so much came to mind as everything just seemed to go hand in hand. No more talking the talk for me, it is time to walk the walk.


Grandma Callahan said...

Hi Dan..Just read your thoughts...and I am with you all the way !!! You are a wonderful person..and I know you love your family, as much as we love you. Keep up your intent to lose the weight you need to..and I am sure the rest will follow....better health...OR, at least better feelings about yourself....I remember some wonderful times we have had together..and WISH we were closer so we could get together more often...I love you very much....and will try to read your BLOG...every night..from now on.....O>K> YOUR Loving Grandma....

Anonymous said...

What can I add except amen! Your BLOG today makes me very proud.
Love Ya'!

Elizabeth said...

Well said Dan! Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading!

Susan said...

What a fabulous post, Dan! Sorry I missed it. I love the picture you paint of that chapter...and I hope it's going well for you.



Positive Rob said...

Well you should never give up on your goals,sounds like you are having positive thoughts and you know God is the way, good for you. Being positive and getting closer with God is the best thing and you sharing is great,other people want to be where you are.Keep sharing and keep the negative thoughts out of mind.