Sunday, March 04, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another...

What a long day today was. There has been water standing in my yard where my main waterline runs to my house. I was originally told that the water was a result of all the moisture and run off and it was normal to be there at times and to not worry it will go away.

Recently this water seems to have been there much longer than ever before so I had a friend of mine come over and look at it with me. He looked at it right away and said I have a leak. We started trying to get the water away and as we got the level lower we quickly found the leak. I asked him who I should call to get it fixed and he simply asked me if I had a shovel.

We ended up having to dig up a rather large portion of my yard around this area and we quickly found just how poorly these lines were laid. As we started trying to isolate the leak other sections started breaking as well and it turned into about 4 different leaks that had to be repaired. Fortunately from his past he is a licensed plumber and someone that I really trust with all of this. He decided we should fix it correctly rather than just trying to piece it back together. This should hopefully avoid any future issues.

For me, one that is not plumbing savvy, it was easy to see that it was pretty shoddy work. Once we got everything fixed and put back together in a better way it was easy to see how much better it was now. We turn the water back on and immediately there is another leak. Right in the middle of the main water line. So back to Home Depot we go and fortunately we were able to fix that pretty quick.

After testing we found that all was working well and we put the ground and everything back together. What a big job it was. I learned what real mud really is. Having grown up in Florida, I have never seen mud quite like this. I believe it would actually form into pretty hard rock when dry. Once all done, except for some mud left on the surface you could barely tell that we had done all the work that we had.

It was amazing to me how easy the work really was. Also amazing the that we repaired everything for less than $20. I would guess a plumber would have charged me at least $500 and probably not taken the time to do the job quite as good as we did.

Thanks to my buddy Earl that helped me out with this.

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