Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Three Days and Going Strong

Well I have officially completed my third day of working on completing the Florida Real Estate course. I sit here and study all day long and just when I wonder if I am getting it, I have to take a test and it is validating that I am getting it.

As of today I have completed 33 hours of a 63 hour course. It almost scares me that it seems to be going so fast. Yesterday I struggled a little as I was learning a lot of law but no matter how difficult I seem to have grasped the topics.

Today I learned about land and surveys and how land in Florida is defined and given an exact location. Really was quite fascinating. To my surprise I got a perfect score on the test for that unit. Then it was over to Real Estate contracts. Now this is not real exciting. A lot of legal language again and it was by far the longest unit that I have had to work on. When it came time to complete the unit test, again I surprised myself with a perfect score.

What a feeling to know that things seem to be clicking so well with me. This is something I really have always wanted to do. I can remember being in high school and thinking about my future and I started dreaming about Real Estate. To this day I can remember standing in my Dad's family room and telling him that I had been thinking about going to Real Estate school instead of college. Of course, that did not go over well and I guess I let it go. Then through the years it has always been in my head. I actually began a couple years ago and applied for my license but never took the course.

It is exciting to finally be doing something that I have always wanted to. Something that I think I can be really good at. Something that I feel like I will pour my everything into. I truly believe that I can make this extremely profitable for me. Is it what I will do full time for now. That I do not know, I mean I do need to get that business going. It is not an easy thing to start. It is really something that I need to do on the side.

Well whatever I decide and however it works, just know that I am excited about it and looking forward to what lies ahead. I hope everyone can share my excitement with me.


Anonymous said...

Yes we will...just as we've shared disappointments in the past too. I really like the exciting stuff better though :-) Where were those perfect scores in high school LOL. Keep on keeping on..good luck!

Greg and Christie said...

Making your dream a reality is very exciting and this group is cheering you on!


Anonymous said...

Go get'em Dan. I can only hope one day I can chase my first love as a career.


Susan said...

Great job, Dan!! Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see "what your future holds."

:-) Susan